Points Score

The point score competition runs throughout the season.
Athletes in U6-U17 with the first, second and third highest points in each event at the end of the season are
eligible for a trophy at Presentation evening.

Points are allocated in each event as shown below:
1st – 6 points; 2nd – 5 points; 3rd – 4 points; 4th – 3 points; 5th and below – 2 points

For events run in heats, points are based on the fastest times across all the heats.
Where results are tied, the next place is omitted and the tied competitors each
receive equal points.

No points are awarded for training events.

A competitor will receive one trophy with all placings engraved on the plate.

To be eligible for a trophy in the point score competition a competitor must:
1. Compete in 60% of the competition in that event from their date of
registration, and
2. Compete in that event after the xmas break.

Athletes in U6-U17 will be acknowledged for their participation and Tiny Tots will receive a participation trophy if they fulfill the participation requirements above.