Frequently Asked Questions


When does Canterbury Little Athletics run and for how long?

Competition is held between September and March, with a break at Christmas. We compete on a Friday night starting at 6pm and aim to finish by approx 8:30pm, depending on the age group. Tiny Tots often finish at approx 7pm and the younger age groups by 7:30pm. Finishing times are often later at the beginning of the season, as we have more athletes attending, but as the season progresses attendance often drops and finishing times are earlier.


Do you offer trial periods?

For children joining Little Athletics for the FIRST TIME and who would like to try before joining there is a trial period of two (2) weeks to allow children to determine if they would like to continue for the full season. You must still fill in the online registration form at lansw.com.au. Please choose the Trial Period Member option at registration and submit your application.

There is a $20 fee for registering as a Trial member, which will be deducted from the cost of registration should you choose to continue after the trial period.

When you come to the ground to commence your trial period, please bring your printed invoice and show it to a club official. You will then need to sign the trialist form and your child will then be given a trial member bib to wear for the evening. Please ensure to return the bib at the end of the evening.

At the end of the two week period, if you choose to continue, you will need to pay for your registration and purchase a club uniform.

No trial athletes will receive points for competition during the trial period.


How do I see my child’s results?

You can click on the “Family Log In” link on the Website to login to our Results Portal. Your username will be your registered email address. You will need to click on the “Forgotten your password” link to get your password the first time. Please email us if you have any problems, and we can sort it out for you.


Why was a Parent Duty Bond & Roster introduced?

Little Athletics is a sport that simply cannot be run without significant assistance from the parents. In the past we have had a small core group of parents helping out each night. This is never enough and requires us to spend time trying to find more parents to help, which delays events and introduces safety risks. Previous attempts at getting parental assistance have failed. This is frustrating for other parents who are working hard to provide an enjoyable, safe night for your children. After consulting with Little Athletics NSW (LANSW) and having many committee discussions on planning days during the off-season, it was decided to implement this system, which has worked successfully at other clubs.


Shouldn’t “volunteering to help” be a choice?

Committee positions and Age Manager positions are “volunteer-based” as these require a significant commitment of people’s time on the competition nights, during the week, and during the off-season. Competition nights, however, cannot be run without parents helping out with one of the many duties required. Most Little Athletics Centres have a Parent Roster in place, which is what we have implemented this year.

For more information on Parental roles in Little Athletics, you can read the LANSW website regarding this topic.



What if I simply cannot help?

Please contact us if you feel you have an exceptional circumstance that prevents you from helping us. We are all parents of children competing, just like you. The majority of us work full-time jobs and understand the pressures and time-constraints that go with that. There are obviously circumstances where assisting may be difficult or not possible. Please talk to us.


Am I required to be at the ground whilst my child is competing?

Yes. Unless you have made an  arrangement with another parent to be the “acting” carer/guardian of your child that night, you are required to be on the premises. Little Athletics is not a sport where you can drop your children off and then come back and pick them up later. Injuries can occur (and have), that may require immediate hospital treatment. You need to be available to care for your child. With so many children competing on competition nights, it is not possible for Age Managers or other parents to keep track of where your child is at all times. This is your responsibility.


Is the uniform compulsory and is it included in the registration fee? 

Yes, the uniform is compulsory. Our uniform consists of a blue and white centre singlet and ‘Canterbury’ blue shorts. The singlet and shorts are both $25 each. The uniform price is not included in the registration fee. The uniform can be purchased and paid for online during the registration process, or purchased at the club on Athlete Pack Collection Day.


Is training during the week compulsory?

No. We provide training for those athletes who wish to improve their fitness or learn skills and techniques that are difficult to teach during Friday night competitions. Please see the “Training” page for more details.


How can I register a dispute/query regarding a result?

Please feel free to contact us via the website or email if you feel an error has occurred in the results. Each Friday night, a lot of results are recorded for many events and mistakes can be made. We can discuss your dispute/query with the Age Manager, and compare previous results in order to verify whether a mistake may have occurred.