Club Uniforms

Centre Uniform

Last season we introduced a new centre uniform, with a 12-month grace period for the old uniform. This season it will be compulsory to wear the new one.

The centre uniform consists of a singlet top and either club bike shorts or club running shorts.

Your registration number, age patch and sponsor patch must be sewn onto your singlet. The registration number MUST be sewn onto the front of the singlet with the red border or sponsor logos showing.

Athletes will not be able to receive points on competition night if they are not in full club uniform displaying their registration number

Registrations numbers can only be (re)issued by the Centre’s Registrar.  A fee of $10 will incur to replace any lost numbers.

If your child is cold please put a long sleeve shirt on under their singlet. Jumpers and jackets cover the registration number and registration numbers must be visible at all times.

Athletes will not be able to compete at zone, region and state carnivals if they are not wearing the correct centre uniform (this means the new uniform).

Uniform Pricing Season 2019/20

Members will need to purchase the new uniform before commencement of season 2019/20, if they don’t intend to use the same one purchased last year.

Singlets                  $30

Bike Shorts            $30

Running shorts     $30

Club Uniforms may be purchased online during the registration process. A size guide is available during registration to help you choose your size.



Children MUST wear shoes at all times to avoid possible injuries from broken glass, rocks or syringes.  It is compulsory to wear shoes at all Association carnivals.

Spikes may be worn by athletes in U/11 – U/12 age groups in the long jump, triple jump, high jump, javelin and all events run in lanes.

Spikes may be worn by athletes in U/13 – U/17 age groups in the long jump, triple jump, high jump, javelin and all track events.

Spikes MUST be carried to each event and should only be worn while participating in the event.  At the end of each event, athletes must remove their spikes.

All other age groups may wear waffles or sneakers.