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Latest News: Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Season will commence Friday 8th September


All registrations for season 2017/18 are ONLINE ONLY.

No laptops will be available at the ground for registration.

You can register online here.

Please register with an email address that you check. This will be our means of communication with you throughout the season.

Once again uniforms will be available for purchase on line during the registration process.


No bags will be available for pick up on Friday Nights

Our Collection days have already taken place. Athletes can not compete without having collected this pack as it contains their registration number which must be worn during competition.

If you have not picked up your pack, you will need to arrange a time to collect your pack from the club Secretary (secretary.clac@gmail.com)


New Registrations Information:

Canterbury Little Athletics is run entirely by parents and community volunteers.

When signing your child up to Canterbury Little Athletics, you are expected to be involved and you are agreeing to help run our Friday night competitions, by completing parent duties.

If you are looking for an activity where you able able drop your children and then leave, Little Athletics is not for you.

All Parents must be present on the grounds at all times.

Little Athletics NSW do not have any involvement in the day to day running of Canterbury Little Athletics and no one gets paid at our centre. So while you are paying a ‘fee’, please be mindful that this is a community run organisation where all of the money goes back into the club. Please do not expect ‘service’ as you would get if you were involved in an activity with a private company with paid staff.

While we do our best, we are all volunteers, mainly parents of athletes, with our own families, lives and jobs. So please be mindful of this in your expectations and your interactions with committee members and age managers.

Registrations for this season are set up as family registrations to include the Parent Duty Bond (see information below).

If you log in to register and can not see the details of all the children you are registering, this means that you are not logged in as the primary member. If you are unsure of which of your children is the primary member or of your username or password, please email secretary.clac@gmail.com


Family Registration Fees:

These fees include the Parent Duty Bond $50 per family, which will be refunded at the end of the season, if at least 6 duties have been completed.

Family Registration for 1 child :                        $165

Family Registration for 2 children :                 $275

Family Registration for 3 children :                 $385

Family Registration for 4 children :                 $495


* In addition to the registration fee the Centre levies a Parent Duty Bond of $50 per family in order to encourage parents to fulfill duties – 6 per season, plus duties at Zone, Region and State where applicable.

The $50 bond is included in the family registration fee.

This bond is payable at registration and families are eligible for a full refund after completing all duties for the season. Refunds are paid by the end of May, once you have supplied the CLAC treasurer with your bank details. Failure to complete all duties will result in the Centre retaining the Parent Duty Bond.

Next Steps once you have registered:

1.     You must SIGN UP for at least 6 Parent Duties (per family) via the ‘Parent Duties Sign Up’ located here.

If you sign up for a duty and then can not make the specified time, it is your responsibility to swap via the swap feature on the website or to contact the club secretary prior to Friday night competition.

2.    PRINT a confirmation of your Parent Duty sign ups and bring it with you when collecting your registration pack.

3.  Arrange Registration Pack/Uniform collection with the Club Secretary


ENSURE you have:

Ø  Printed receipt of registration and payment

Ø  Proof of Parent Duty Sign Up

Ø  Proof of age for NEW REGISTRATIONS





Changes to Registration Numbers Season 2017/18

This season all athletes in Little Athletics NSW will receive unique registration numbers. This change will help officials identify an athlete with ease.

As per last season, athletes in the 12-17 age groups will automatically be Dual registered with both LANSW and ANSW when they register. During the registration process athletes can nominate a seniors club or choose to remain as an independent athlete. If they wish to change their club affiliation during the season they just need to contact LANSW to do this.

All athletes will receive a unique registration number that they will wear to all LANSW and ANSW events, each dual-registered athlete will get 3 copies of their number. These numbers will be different to the registration numbers issued to athletes 11 years and below.


Medical information

This season we are collecting more detailed medical information through the online registration form. This will help age managers and First Aid officers have better information when dealing with the athletes and any injuries or medical issues that may arise.

It is very important that parent/carers accurately fill in this information and list any medical issues we may need to be aware of.  These may include, but are not limited to epilepsy, bone disorders, asthma, anaphylaxis, arthritic disorders, autism, ADD, heart issues or diabetes.   


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact secretary.clac@gmail.com



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