Athletics NSW Dual Membership


The sport of Athletics is delivered by two different state bodies in NSW: Little Athletics NSW delivers athletics from Tiny Tots to U17 and Athletics NSW delivers athletics for athletes aged U12 and above.


When registered with us, you are a member of Canterbury Little Athletics Centre and we are affiliated with Little Athletics NSW.


Little Athletics members who are aged U12 – U17, have the opportunity to register with an Athletics NSW club as a Dual Member. Athletics NSW provides this membership free of charge to encourage a transition along the athletics pathway from Little Athletics into senior athletics.


Therefore, a Dual Membership with Athletics NSW simply means that you are a member of a Little Athletics NSW Centre and a member of an Athletics NSW club.


As part of your registration with Little Athletics, you may have selected a tick box that indicated that you are interested in becoming a Dual Member. This does not make you a Dual Member – you need to complete the registration process with an Athletics NSW affiliated club. Please read on below for instructions.


What does Dual Membership entitle the athlete to?

Being a dual member provides the athlete with access to Athletics NSW and Athletics Australia Sanctioned competitions plus Athletics NSW Club Competitions. View the Athletics NSW calendar of events here.

The Athletics NSW 2021/22 Season runs from 1 October 2021 to 30 September 2022.


How do I know if my child is eligible for a dual membership with Athletics NSW?

All Canterbury Little Athletics members in the U12, U13, U14, U15 and U17 age groups are eligible to join an Athletics NSW affiliated club as a Dual Member.


Why do we have to join another club? Why can’t we compete for Canterbury at Athletics NSW events?

Canterbury Little Athletics Centre is affiliated with Little Athletics NSW only. Our Committee has approved discussions with Athletics NSW and exploration of the requirements to be met in order to affiliate with Athletics NSW. If approved (both by the members of our Centre and by Athletics NSW), this will allow Canterbury Little Athletics members to compete at Athletics NSW events as members of Canterbury. As soon as we have more information on this process, we will share it with you.


Which club should we join?

Many of our athletes are already registered as Dual Members with other clubs, which include: Asics Wests, Bankstown, St George and Trinity to name a few. A full list of Athletics NSW affiliated clubs can be found on the Athletics NSW Membership page.



This is my first time registering my child as a Dual Athlete – what is the process to register?

Visit the Athletics NSW Membership page. Here you’ll find all the Athletics NSW affiliated clubs listed, with links to take you to their website or their registration page. You can register with any of these clubs.

Once you’ve selected your club and clicked on their registration link, select ‘Register’ as a new member. Follow the prompts and fill out the relevant information and you’re done!


My child has been a Dual Member in a previous season. What is the process to register?

The process to renew your registration is exactly the same as above but after selecting your chosen club, select ‘Renew’ instead of register.


Why is Dual Membership free with some clubs and other clubs charge a fee?

Athletics NSW understands that the transition from Little Athlete to senior athlete can be a confusing one. Dual Membership is provided as a free product to their clubs as a way to help this transition for athletes. However, there are costs associated with running athletics clubs and some clubs need to charge a fee to provide a service to their members, especially if they aren’t members of their own Little Athletics Centre (if applicable). Even if there is a club fee charged, we’re confident that you’ll find great value in your Athletics NSW Dual Membership.


What about Uniforms and Bibs?

Dual members must wear their Senior Club Uniform at Athletics NSW competitions – that is the second club that you will join. There are no competition bibs for the 2021/22 Athletics NSW season.


What happens now?

That’s it! After you’ve registered successfully as a Dual Member with Athletics NSW, you’ll be sent email communications about all the event opportunities coming up for your child/ren to participate in and be eligible to enter into your first Athletics NSW event.


If you have any questions regarding Dual Membership, please email Amy at president@clac.org.au.