Parents/carers and athletes must take care when crossing the field at all times.  It is especially important when walking near the discus, shot put and javelin areas.

Athletes are not to play with or use any equipment without adult supervision, especially the high jump, shot puts, discus and javelins. Doing so may result in loss of points to the athlete. These pieces of equipment can cause serious injury if misused.

No children should be on or touching the equipment prior to the commencement of competition. It is the parent/carers duty to supervise their children during the set up of the field. Please do not let your children near the equipment or timing gates prior to competition.

No ball games are allowed at the centre during competition nights and training.

Athletes must not put their fingers through the discus cage. Serious injury may result if hit by a flying discus.

All officials and volunteers helping on the field must sign the attendance sheet to ensure they are covered by insurance and wear the coloured vests supplied. NO OTHER PARENTS/CARERS ARE ALLOWED ONTO THE TRACK OR FIELD AREAS. This is a requirement set down by the Association due to insurance limitations.

Spectators are expected to remain in the viewing area.  Younger children must be supervised and not be allowed to run onto the field during competition.

In the interests of safety, no dogs are allowed on competition and training nights.  Owners and their dogs will be asked to leave the field.