Parent Duties


Canterbury Little Athletics is run entirely by parents and community volunteers.

When signing your child up to Canterbury Little Athletics, you are agreeing to help run our Friday night competitions.

In addition to the registration fee, the Centre has levied a Parent Duty Bond, which is payable per family in order to encourage parents to fulfil duties –  plus duties at Zone, Region and State where applicable.

This bond is payable with registration and families are eligible for a full refund after completing the required number of duties:  Families will be required to volunteer 8 times over the 22/23 season. In the event of a large number of competition cancellations the Committee may consider reducing the requirement HOWEVER we advise families to volunteer at least every 2 weeks in order to ensure they can comfortably complete all their duties for the season.

Please note, should your child participate in any LANSW events, you will be required to volunteer in addition to this amount.

Refunds are paid at the end of the season. Eligible members will receive an email for bank details to be supplied. No bonds will be refunded after June 30.

Failure to complete all duties will result in the Centre retaining the Parent Duty Bond.

Please ensure you check in each night that you complete a duty, for it to be counted. Please sign up to the roster before the night where possible. This makes the administration and waiting times a lot quicker!

When signing up to the parent roster please enter your eldest child’s registration number, along with your FIRST NAME and LAST NAME. Please register with the same email address you used to register with LANSW. This makes matching your duties to your registration, for refund of duty bonds, much easier.

You can download the Sign Up App to keep track of your sign ups throughout the season.



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Sign up for a duty here