Behavioural Guidelines

Young people have a right to participate in sport in a safe and supportive environment. Athletes, parents/carers, spectators and officials must behave in accordance with the Little Athletics NSW (LANSW) Codes of Conduct and Behavioural Guidelines.  Anyone whose conduct is inconsistent with the codes of conduct may be excluded from competition, removed from the ground or have their membership withdrawn.

Swearing and aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated by athletes or parent/carers.

Access by clicking the following LANSW link:

Little Athletics NSW codes of conduct and behavioural guidelines


Discipline Code

Athletes must follow the instructions of the age managers and assistants at all times.  The authority of the age manager must be respected and a good standard of behaviour maintained throughout the evening.  Please remind your children of their responsibilities in this regard.

At the discretion of the age manager any athlete who misbehaves will be given a warning and in the event of extreme behaviour or multiple warnings will be removed from the field immediately.  They will be taken to the announcer desk and their parent/carer will be contacted and loss of points may occur.  A record of the behaviour will be made.

If inappropriate behaviour continues, a warning letter will be sent to parents/carers and the athlete may no longer be permitted to compete for the remainder of the season.

Obscene language and/or violent behaviour will not be tolerated on the field by athletes or parents.  Any athlete using obscene language and ignoring a warning or displaying violent behaviour will be asked to leave the field and will result in a loss of points.


Other Documents

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