Athletics NSW Dual & Senior Memberships


The sport of Athletics is delivered by two different state bodies in NSW: Little Athletics NSW delivers athletics from Tiny Tots to U17 and Athletics NSW delivers athletics for athletes aged 10 and above.


When registered with us, you are a member of Canterbury Little Athletics Centre and we are affiliated with Little Athletics NSW. Canterbury Little Athletics Centre is affiliated with Athletics NSW as Canterbury Athletics Club.


Therefore, a Dual Membership with Athletics NSW simply means that you are a member of a Little Athletics NSW Centre and a member of an Athletics NSW club, of which Canterbury is both.


As part of your registration with Little Athletics, you may have selected a tick box that indicated that you are interested in becoming a Dual Member. This does not make you a Dual Member – you need to complete the Canterbury Athletics Club registration process.


Athletes of all ages are welcome to register as a member of Canterbury Athletics Club with Open, Concession, Dual and Community memberships offered.  We are currently offering training for senior athletes on Sunday mornings at Campbell Field 9:00am-10:30am – please contact seniors@clac.org.au for further information on seniors training. Competition opportunities can be accessed through Athletics NSW and their clubs.


What does Dual Membership entitle the athlete to?

Being a dual member provides the athlete with access to Athletics NSW and Athletics Australia Sanctioned competitions plus Athletics NSW Club Competitions. View the Athletics NSW calendar of events here.

The Athletics NSW 2023/24 Season runs from 1 October 2023 to 30 September 2024.


How do I know if my child is eligible for a dual membership with Athletics NSW?

All Canterbury Little Athletics members aged 10 and above are eligible to join Canterbury Athletics Club as a Dual Member. A separate registration process needs to be completed for this membership to be activated. Register here.


PLEASE NOTE that the age group is not U10’s as per Little Athletics. You must be turning 10 by the 31st December 2023 to have a dual membership.


This is my first time registering my child as a Dual Athlete – what is the process to register?

This link takes you to the Canterbury Athletics Club registration page.

Once there, you’ll select ‘Register’ as a member. You’ll then be asked:


If you were previously registered with another Athletics NSW club, PLEASE SELECT RETURNING MEMBER. After this, simply follow the prompts and fill out the relevant information and you’re done!


My child/I have been a member in a previous season with another club. What is the process to register with Canterbury Athletics Club for this season?

The process to renew your registration is exactly the same as above but you select ‘Renew’ instead of register, even though your membership was with a different club.


What memberships are available?

Check out this page for more information about various memberships available www.nswathletics.org.au/join-athletics-nsw/


What about Uniforms and Bibs?

As Canterbury Little Athletics Centre is affiliated as Canterbury Athletics Club with Athletics NSW, all members must wear their full Canterbury Little Athletics Centre uniform at Athletics NSW competitions. There are no registration number bibs for Athletics NSW events. Uniforms can be purchased from our online uniform shop.


What happens now?

That’s it! After you’ve registered successfully as a member with Canterbury Athletics Club, you’ll be sent email communications about all the event opportunities coming up for your child/ren to participate in and be eligible to enter into your first Athletics NSW event.